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Choosing a Rockdoor for your home makes a statement; it says as much about your individuality and personality as it does about quality and durability; the entrance to your home is as much about security as it is about style! Your front door will not only look stunning, it will also exude quality, performance and reliability. Rockdoor is the ultimate composite door admired by thousands of home-owners across the UK. It's incredibly strong, weather tight, maintenance free and virtually impossible to break through but also appeals to the seriously style conscious.

Not only do Rockdoor composite doors use the best materials, they also have the latest in locks, art decoration and framing. Rockdoor doors have been specifically designed to keep you secure and warm and offer a huge range of benefits over traditional timber doors.

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Homes Under the Hammer Host Happy with Holt

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Tony Holt from Rockdoor Northwest, pictured above after installing Rockdoors at the home of Dion Dublin, who was more than happy with Tony' performance.

To quote Dion - Tony Holt, owner of Rockdoor Northwest is a "top bloke". He went on to say that he had received "great service. Very pleased! Just what I wanted! Cheers Tony & Rockdoor."

The Homes Under the Hammer host played professional football for Norwich City, Cambridge United, Coventry City, Aston Villa, Leicester City and Celtic as well as other smaller clubs.

Rockdoor Front Door

First impression count! Selecting a front door design which best enhances the appearance of your building and best defines your taste and individuality is paramount. We offer many modern designs to enhance new builds, apartments, maisonettes and townhouses as well as traditional styles to suit older homes, cottages, conversions and period properties. There's also glass design and colour choice to consider. In fact, with 19 different door styles, 12 colour choices and 25 different glass designs, there are over 5,000 door permutations to choose from! So make the right choice - choose a Rockdoor front door!

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Rockdoor Back Door

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Having a secure front door is a great idea, but having a secure back door or side door is even more important. It's a fact that most house break-ins occur through the back door.

At Rockdoor North West we believe it's crucial to secure all entrance points to the property with strong and secure composite doors. Popular choices for back doors include the Windsor and Jacobean, which let a generous amount of light into your property whilst still being secure.

For older properties there are doors that resemble traditional timber; for cottages there are stable doors and tongue-and-groove styles; for 1920s and 1930s homes, we have a range of Art Deco style glass and for modern homes we have designs to suit every decorative style.

Rockdoor uPVC French Doors and Patio Doors

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French Doors, by Rockdoor, offer superb style and unparalleled security. For years, upvc French Doors and Patio Doors have been seen by burglars as the weak point of a property, but no more! Our doors not only offer increased levels of security, but also combine elegance and style.

Now you don't have to sacrifice your property's security to bring the outdoors indoors and enjoy a great view into your garden! Having a Rockdoor French Door as access to your garden, decking or patio area will not only improve the overall appearance of your property, but will also enhance its safety and security. As well as giving easy access to your garden, a French Door is a good way of allowing extra light into your home. Remember that in the wrong hands a simple garden spade can be used to open standard French Doors - that's why security is fundamental to the new Rockdoor system.

Rockdoor manufactures French Doors in a variety of colours and woodgrains to suit your home. You can choose from 10 different shades, select handles and door furniture to your individual taste and decide whether you'd like a uPvc or aluminium threshold to suit your own requirements

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